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Cheri Honkala has spent almost 30 years working in Philadelphia in and around the 197th for her neighbors and those forgotten by politics-as-usual. As a single mother who overcame homelessness, she has spent her life advocating for the homeless and the hungry--including by founding the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign. Cheri needs your support to fight for the people of the 197th, Pennsylvania's poorest district, in Harrisburg. Please contribute--we appreciate any donation you can afford.

The past two Democratic legislators in a row have plead guilty to fraud charges. And now they are trying to steal an election. Help us end this legacy of corruption. Any amount that you are able to contribute helps. We need to raise this significant amount of money because we are up against the politics-as usual establishment.

As a Green Party candidate, Cheri accepts no corporate contributions--just grassroots donations like yours. As a legislator, Cheri will be beholden to no one other than the community she represents. 

The election held on March 21 had widespread reports of voter intimidation and fraud. There are dozens of stories that the political machine tried to steal this election through unfair and outright illegal tactics.

People were told they cannot vote for Cheri. Tables were setup outside with the opponent's literature made to look like the voter sign-in table. Some tables inside the polling place gave out literature and stamps of the opponent. Election workers asked people who they were voting for. They asked people if they were sure they wanted to vote for Cheri and tried to convince them to vote for her opponent and tell them that they had the wrong write-in stamp and then gave them that of Mr. Vazquez. We have video of election officials taking money. There are reports of people being paid for their vote. There is even a photograph of the ballot box at the end of the night at the opponent's so-called "victory party" -- held 3 days before the votes were to be counted!

Your money will go towards the legal and staff expenses as we pursue a federal lawsuit to void this election, hold those who engaged in illegal tactics accountable, and demand a new election. 

We need your help. The people of the 197th district need your help.

If our elections are tainted and can be swayed and stolen by the establishment machine, then the people cannot fairly choose who they want to represent them. The people of the 197th district have been represented by two felons in a row. Please help give them a chance to not be represented by a third who engaged in tactics of voter intimidation and fraud to win. Please help stop this legacy of corruption in the poorest district in Pennsylvania.

Together, we can stop the corrupt machine.


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Friends of Cheri Honkala
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