"In our time, in our space with God's grace we can make a difference."

-Roxanne Jones, former PA State Senator

  • A home for everyone.

  • Everyone fed, no one hungry.

  • Remaining a sanctuary (no deportations).

  • Affordable healthcare for all (single-payer Medicare-for-all inclusive of mental health and substance rehabilitation).

  • Fair schools for all children.

  • Living wage employment (the fight for $15 & a Union!).

  • Protest our water & land--and our children's future (no pipelines, no fracking).

  • Invest in Green jobs for the 21st century: clean energy, mass-transit infrastructure, & healthy food systems.

  • Ensure our veterans are cared for. Everyone, especially our service members, have a right to housing and healthcare.

  • Restore faith in our voting and election systems: publicly-financed elections, updated voting systems.

  • Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and ban corporate personhood.

  • Demilitarize law enforcement and increase community oversight and ban for-profit prisons.

  • Legalize marijuana and expunge criminal records of those previously affected by those laws.

  • Pay equity for women as well as paid family & medical leave.

  • Acknowledge women as the sole authority over their bodies and health.

  • Equal rights for LGBTQIA+ Pennsylvanians, including non-discrimination legislation.

  • Fully-funded disability benefits, no sub-minimum wages, and enforced ADA.

  • Recognition of Native Americans within Pennsylvania and their contributions to Pennsylvania history.

Stay tuned for more details!